Guerilla Pole

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The Guerilla pole is an extending pole that can attach to almost any sign. Bring you street sign marking to new heights, and move your signage like never before.

Product Type: Sign Accessory

Extend your marketing

The Guerilla Pole can extend in size from 4 feet to 8 feet tall. Have your wavers hold it above their heads on occasion for an impressive 15+ foot tall display. Bringing greater height to your message will attract more attention and bring more customers to your store.

Guerilla Pole sign spinner

Any Sign technology

Multiple methods to attach virtually any sign to the Guerilla Pole. Super Strong 3M adhesive allows for permanent sign attachment, or use Velcro for re-usability.

Gurilla Pole and arrow sign

Guerilla Pole and spinner signs

Unique Rotation

The Guerilla Pole is designed to create a virtually unlimited range of rotation. Sign spinning in any direction is effortless. Adjusting the tilt can create new spinning styles never used before. To control that movement you can attach the head unit in different locations on the sign.

Durable Design

Our custom injection molded parts, and ball bearing construction make the Guerilla Pole weather proof and capable of handling anything. Your wavers are free to Dance spin, rock and waver all bringing more attention to your store and more customers into your location.

Gurilla Pole and arrow sign

Guerilla Pole and spinner sign


Guerilla Pole and it's sister product the Guerilla Spinner handle both use the same spinning head unit. Purchase both along with additional head units to create a full fleet of available signage all ready to be used at any time. It takes less than 30 seconds to remove the pole or handle and re-install it on another ready to use spinner head unit.

Guerilla Pole
Guerilla Pole
Guerilla Pole
Guerilla Pole

Simple Install

Everything you need to install the Guerilla Pole onto your sign is included in your shipment.  You will receive industrial strength Hook and loop tape, as well as pre-installed 3M VHB (very high bond) adhesive tape.  Use Hook and loop for a temporary or movable application.  Use the VHB tape for a permanent attachment to your sign.  An alcohol swab is also included in your package to wipe down your sign in order to ensure a good bond with either attachment method. 

Steps for install:

  1. Pick attachment location
  2. Wipe the area of sign down with included alcohol swab and let dry
  3. Remove adhesive protection paper and adhere the spinner head unit to the sign.  Press on with substantial force to ensure the adhesive sets completely.
  4. Install the extension pole and start using your Guerilla Pole immediately.


The Guerilla Pole ships with:

  • 1 Extending Guerilla Pole 
  • 1 Guerilla Head

Product Specs

Pole Dimentions  1" x 1" x 52"-96"
Head Dimentions 4" x 4" x 3"


Shipping Specs

 Shipping Dimentions 5" x 5" x 54"

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Guerilla Pole