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4 Foot Giant Arrow

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5 Foot Giant Arrow

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Guerilla Pole

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Night Waver

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Rockin Waver

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Spinner Handle

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What is a Giant Arrow?

A Giant Arrow is a spinner sign. They can also be referred to as waver signs, shaker signs, twirler signs and human directional signs.

What is a spinner sign?

A spinner sign is a sign that a person uses to market businesses or events on the side of a street. Many spinner signs are shaped like arrows to help direct traffic to a particular location. Spinner signs are popular in guerrilla marketing campaigns.

What are sign spinners and what do they do?

A sign spinner is a person who waves, spins, shakes and twirls a sign. Sign spinners or wavers have gained popluarity in recent years. A sign spinner's job is to advertise for a business and often direct traffic towards a brick and mortor store.